The Nova Material Watch Face keeps it simple

Finding a Watch Face that gives you the info that you need to know, while keeping it simple aren’t always easy to find. Many get you that info, but wind up looking cluttered, others have a clean and simple look, but you don’t get the details you need at a glance. If that’s the case then the Nova Material Watch face for Android Wear might have you covered.

The Nova Material Watch Face has a clean, understated look to it. It’s got a fresh, minimalistic appeal while still getting you the information that you want out of your watch. Lets take a look.

The top of your screen has two indicators for notifications. On the top left is a small speech bubble, accompanied to the right by an envelope. Otherwise known as messages, and emails. If your inboxes are full of nothing but read messages, then you’ll just see the icons themselves. On the other hand if you have unread messages, then a small colored bubble will appear with a number within it; the number of unread messages you have waiting.

The middle of your screen is where most of your information is waiting. In the middle of the screen is a 12 hour digital readout of the time. Just above it, is the current date, along with which day of the week it is. To the left of these you’ll see a weather indicator to give you a clue about what to expect if you venture outside.

via Android Central – Android Forums – News – Reviews – Help and Android Wallpapers

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