We have 100 I Am Cardboard viewers to give away!

It’s your chance to win one of 100 I Am Cardboard version 2.0 viewers.

You’ve heard about Google’s new version of the Google Cardboard viewer, seen the cool things you can do with one, and learned where you can buy one. Wouldn’t it be cool to win one?

The folks at I Am Cardboard have graciously offered up 100 of their awesome version 2.0 viewers, and we want to give you a chance to win one. These viewers are 100-percent "Google Cardboard certified" and are easy to pair and use with any Android phone up to 6-inches, or any iPhone. They’re also easy to put together and use so you’ll be virtual reality-ing in no time. Get ready to immerse yourself and see why people are genuinely excited over Cardboard and how the platform is growing.

via Android Central – Android Forums – News – Reviews – Help and Android Wallpapers http://ift.tt/1cQVHBo

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